Becoming LJ – Week 24 and Commencement

Six months ago, when we were all asked to write a weekly blog – I read so many that began with “Today I begin a new life.” It was a powerful statement and one I felt, but didn’t acknowledge. Six months later, I truly am beginning a new life. I am overcome with emotion as to all the education that has been bestowed upon me. I was hungry for it and I swallowed it up whole. Many times I didn’t grasp the full meaning of what we were to think about, and I didn’t stop till I had a semblance of what “X” meant to me. Today I begin a new life. Literally and figuratively. I have the necessary tools to pull from my toolkit to deal with the various strange happenings around me on any given day. And I welcome whatever challenges I may come across.

I purposely held back writing this blog entry until our commencement webinar yesterday, My intent was to synthesize some thoughts that have transpired over the past couple of weeks. We, as a society, are adjusting to our new normal. I have had the pleasure and honor to be adjusting to my new normal for the past six months. I will not allow fear over Covid-19 take over my thoughts. It shall not ruin my health. I will conduct myself with common sense.

Week 2 of completely working from home. Appointments at clients’ homes are now a distant memory. Infrequent trips to the grocery store become the highlight of my week. Walks with Gustav are truly turning out to be “the” social activity in the neighborhood – dog owners congregate (I secretly believe we are all watching through our windows and pounce outside when we see another walking their dog) to let the canines socialize. Yeah – sure, whatever you want to call it, go for it! I know we are craving human contact, you know – the in-person kind so we camouflage it by saying it’s for the pups!

I have the sweetest neighbor who participates in this activity, she is immuno-compromised and has been in self-imposed exile for over 3 weeks. I’m sure she’s bored. Unfortunately, it has become evident she has not much to do but watch television. No, she doesn’t stream, she watches the news. ALL DAY LONG. EVERY DAY. She has become the neighborhood pessimist. She knows I don’t watch television and quite frankly I’m sure she doesn’t believe it, and that’s okay, but when she runs up to us with the latest negative news flash – well, I just disconnect. I’ve asked her on several occasions to not bother letting me know as I cannot control any of this. Well, this morning I lost it. Yup. She started another sentence with “I’d hate to be …..” and I cut her off and told then don’t be. Fractions of my old DNA spewed out yet I’m actually proud of my choice of words – in my previous life it would not have been nice and would have spewed off a litany of expletives. I cut myself off and it felt good!

Another week under the belt in our new normal. I am seeing people walk by my villa whom I’ve never seen before. Certainly, I’m sitting in my office at different times of the day than usual, for longer periods of time, which accounts for some of this activity, yet there are neighbors I know who are coming out and walking and enjoying what nature has to provide. I wrote about having faith in my last blog and it’s truly magnificent to see such activity from my desk!

I’m capitalizing on this time away from the day job to continue to work on me. Revisiting some of the old webinars, FINALLY completing my soundtrack in audacity (more thanks than you can ever accept Derwin), and pushing it to the limit with Go90Grow. My goal it to accelerate my learning while I have the time available to me. But I’ve encountered a problem – being at my computer daily for 4-6 hours and furiously taking notes is taking a toll on my body. I was smart enough to raise the computer 10 inches so I won’t be bending forward, and I am trying to be as cognizant as possible to not slouch my shoulders or back while at my desk as I work, but I didn’t take into account my arthritis. I work with those “hingamajiggies” on my pencils and pens to assist my throbbing joints but the frantic pace I’m keeping is starting to physically hurt me. My hands and fingers are sore beyond words. I’m honestly not too sure what to do about it. But, I go on nonetheless.

My arthritic joints

I AM LIVING IN THE MOMENT and I won’t apologize for that anymore!

What was the name of the movie Mark ran in our last webinar? You know, the one where that guy is talking to Meryl Streep about the bees pollinating? I guess I’m zoning in on my flower and I’m not going to let anything get in my way!

Everything IS possible. IT is in ME. I am going to find my way.

Today I begin a new life. For real.

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