I’m LJ – Nice to Meet You!

Hi there – This is LJ and I’m ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY just SO happy to be here!Oct 10-19

I believe I am meant to be here, not just participating in this mysterious program they call the Master Key Experience, but here on this earth (more on that in my first couple of blogs!).  I’ve spent my entire life surviving and that STOPS RIGHT NOW!  I deserve more and I’m going to make it happen. Just you wait and see. 

I’m a recovering bureaucrat. Florida has some of the most stringent open records laws in the nation and with the proliferation of social media usage, I came to realize I just couldn’t continue on in my chosen profession. I returned to school at the age of 37 to finish my undergraduate degree then dove right into my graduate degree to advance my career in municipal government. I worked my full-time job, interned after-hours and maintained a full course load to finish as soon as possible. And I made it! I was determined to, I persisted and I did it. Unfortunately, after 25 years of serving the public  I was burnt out (figuratively and literally) and resigned from my last city just under 5 years ago.

Thanks to my neighbor’s daughter, who realized my penchant for staging spaces, she suggested I try a second career with the company she worked for. I am gifted with “feeling” a room and arranging furniture around it. So I applied and got the job.  This is the first job I’ve ever held that didn’t keep me behind a desk – I LOVE IT!  It’s been a long journey in a career path others have spent a life building but one I have grown accustomed to (commission-only living isn’t for everyone!). There have been many cycles in these short years where I have become the proverbial starving artist! I’ve been designing structures to store stuff in (you know, entertainment centers for all that media, closet systems to organize clothing, garage systems to hold things so your car can actually get in there, etc …) ever since. That was four and half years ago. It’s a rewarding experience, assisting clients and seeing a project from conception to completion. Yet … something was missing. 

When I resigned from my last city I earned a Community Association Manager license with the State of Florida (I figured if the economy tanks again there won’t be too many people wanting to get these custom-made systems and I needed to have a back-up in place). I maintain this license yearly and attend educational seminars consistently to keep abreast of new legislature and trends in the field. Yet … this isn’t something I really want to do – NO more desk jobs for me.

Just shy of a year ago, one of my former co-workers was posting about a new company she was working for and I began to silently stalk her (my terminology for following her posts on Facebook) to see what was going on as I was intrigued. LeshaI notice a HUGE transition with her using the products and tried them in late December. Within a couple of applications I knew I was hooked and I too became a rep with this company. Another major shift in my career.  I maintained (and continue to do so) my day job designing but I decided I wanted to help one person at a time with this product.  And I wouldn’t do that until I became thoroughly educated on the product.  This took over six months. During this time I slowly added a few customers to my portfolio and a couple of team members, yet I still wasn’t posting online like my peers. Something was missing.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, my history has been to survive financially.  This DOES NOT serve me well.  I have worked extremely hard my entire life to become successful at everything I tackled and I’m proud to have done so. This part-time gig will turn into my last job. There comes a point when we all have to balance what we’ve been doing to what our swan song will be. I want to go out under my terms and not someone else’s. I have been graced with meeting amazing individuals this past year and look forward to solidifying lasting relationships with many of these people. I want to work for myself. It’s time to take this to the next level! 

Enter the Master Key Network.

Hope you enjoyed reading my journey (blog). I promise to keep my regular entries shorter, but really wanted you to get an idea who I am.  Have a great day!

PS: On a personal note, my main “man” Gustav and I have been together since 2007.  He’s a nine pound chocolate toy poodle and he is my life20190505_063452He has literally been with me through thick and thin. When I was unemployed for two and a half years, he always ate when I didn’t and he never missed a haircut!  I’ve been trying to set myself up emotionally for his eminent departure from this world for the past couple of years. Yes, I want him to be with me forever. No, I don’t want him to desert me. Yes, I am cognizant of the reality of life. And I will learn to let go of this fear.

Since emigrating to the US from Canada in 1989 I’ve lived in Central Florida and now South Florida since 2004. I began cruising in 1990 and haven’t stopped since! Cruising is a part of my life. I don’t hit the bars, I don’t go out for dinner in restaurants, I have chosen to use any extra funds to cruise! As a final aside (hey, I never said this would be brief!), I started to experience increased bouts of pain in my neck (I have lived with arthritis since my teens). The past three months have tried me as I explore various avenues to determine the true cause of the pain (if it’s arthritis why is the pain localized and not on both sides of my neck?). I began PT on Thursday. I also discovered CranioSacral Therapy through another former coworker and had my first session on Tuesday. Holy smokes – I am learning SO MUCH about this treatment – it, along with MKE are going to be keeping me busy for weeks and months to come. I am now in possession of awesome power – this IS going to be THE ride of my lifetime!

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