MKE and Me

I stumbled onto this amazing program back in September 2019. The MKE – Master Key Experience. I have worked diligently to return to the being I was created to be. Great strides have been made to undo society’s taboos ingrained upon me since birth. I am getting there. This program became my journey and it will be continuous until I draw my last breath.

MKE has given me a toolkit from which I can draw upon to forge ahead. It is more than a mindfulness program, it has allowed me to mastermind with like-minded individuals and so much more. I have yet to describe its value succinctly and it is a program worthy of such.

I have “it” within me. Identifying my “it” and forging a path towards its attainment has allowed me to focus and not live aimlessly anymore. I have come so far in such a short time and have that much further to go. Now I know how to do it!

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