Becoming LJ – Week 23

Six months ago I thought this would be too long a duration for such a program. With less than two (2) weeks to go I feel it isn’t enough time. Then I shrug old DNA away and remember I have been provided with excellent tools from which to go forth to think and act for MYSELF!. What better gift is there than that? To no longer be one of many. To be able to be unique. To not act like that circus monkey always clinging his cymbals. To be me and to know that I am on my journey!

I have improved – I can feel it, I can hear it in my voice, I can hear it in my mind and I have seen it with my results. I’m not where I want to be yet, and I’m not setting up un-achievable measures – I will get there when it’s right. My old DNA would have been rushing me to complete X, reach X goal, etc. I have more faith than ever and I will persist and suceeed!

I am directly affected financially by this new normal. Every time I start to get some of that dreaded feeling in my tummy I utilize the law of substitution. This too shall pass, alas it won’t pass in my timeline, it shall pass under God’s timeline. Until then, faith shall keep me going!

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Another new shot at getting it right

5 thoughts on “Becoming LJ – Week 23

  1. Yes use the law of substitution.and remember the silence to get creative ideas. The universe is abundant In the silence or even tuning into the present moment by breathing, you can feel that abundance and tap into it. You are a miracle.

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  2. Wow, LJ!!! That is awesome. I can hear the change you speak of in your words! I am so very excited for you! You are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy! I love that you KNOW that!!!


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