LJ 2.0 – Week 6

I haven’t had much time to manifest this week. No – hold on, that isn’t true. l’ve had LOTS of time to manifest just haven’t been awake enough to do so.

My reflections this week (and since discharge from the hospital) revolve around why, during my body betraying me, I didn’t fear dying. Why was I terrified of living, and living with being paralyzed? Truly, I was petrified of living like my paternal grandparents or paternal uncle with limited speech and limited physical ability. Don’t have the answer completely crystalized in my mind yet, but well on my way to making peace with this.

Should I be bummed when I am not completely thrust into manifesting my true purpose? No. I am human and I am perfect, as perfect as possible in my journey at this point in time within this particular world I live in. I work hard at shedding imperfect thoughts, keep to my routines and have been sidetracked. And that’s okay. I must honor these feelings and thoughts if I am to move on. Almost there. And I haven’t shirked my duties to myself. I’m keeping my promises!

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Another new shot at getting it right

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