The Next Phase

I’m trying to identify what my value to the world is right now. I have acquired exponential amounts of knowledge over the past six months and I want to apply it in a way that will assist others.

Simultaneous to this is my continued attempt to get my side gig/business off the ground. I seriously lack skills in accomplishing this. I haven’t “grooved” on what everyone has been doing in my company – posts on different social media platforms going on and on about the products or just posting the latest sale. After the first month of participating in Go90Grow, I realize there was a reason I wasn’t grooving on that methodology. So, now I learn how to do it better.

Yet doing it better requires courage. It requires leaving the ego behind. I now work on overcoming this fear so I may forge ahead and meet those negative decisions with pride as they will lead me to the positive replies. I’m practicing what to say but now I have to take it to the next level and practice on live people. To test the waters on what to say when. Courage. It will come!

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