Becoming LJ – Week 2

One of the first things I’m charged with doing this week is entering my needs, I’m not sure if these are my final ones, yet these are them as it stands on Sunday. During the exercise, I was drawn to them almost immediately (though didn’t necessarily “feel” them): Autonomy and True Health.

So, FOUR  days with minimal television. Now THAT is something for me. My habits WILL change: I WILL keep working on me! On Tuesday I enjoyed a revelation – just because I couldn’t start my day as planned (hitting my MKE tasks) didn’t mean I had to abandon them (I am a stickler for routine and discipline – maybe that’s a habit?!). I just re-ordered my thinking and hit the ground running with them a little later than I expected. No harm, no foul. See, I tell myself – I didn’t die!

This week I already feel accomplished.  Since I was out of town last week little gelled.  The pieces are falling together more this week (well, with the exception of technology and getting this blog published!).  Haven’t been able to master the sit yet, but I was proud to pull off two-10 minute sits.  Patience grasshopper (I tell myself this all the time). It will come.  I will master it! Finally figured out how to organize my binders (and realized I didn’t have to print every attachment this week!). 

Now this week’s removing thoughts from my mind while I sit around is going to take A LOT MORE practice. And I already made a promise to myself that it WILL happen and I MUST continue to devote time to do so. I have also realized I have been concentrating so much during daily activities/living on not getting angry I have missed opportunities to see this week’s shape. It’s only when I’m checking off my activity that I realize this hasn’t been top of mind. Proud I’m not beating myself up on this – so something is working!

Each day, as I read my DMP aloud, I realize minor changes to make to it – and do. It, as am I, are a work in progress.



Becoming LJ – Week 1

Sheer luck, divine intervention and the universe aligned last Sunday morning whilst I attended a birthday celebration. In a side conversation, I heard about some “thing” my friend had prepared for and I asked her for more information.  She went on to explain MKMMA – and immediately forwarded me some information she received from an alum.  I was hooked. Within 20 minutes I made my excuses and returned home.

Within 3 hours I had viewed 4 videos, received an email or two and proceeded to meet the requirements to participate in this innovative concept.  Haste was key as the program was only offered once a year and necessitated a 6-month commitment – I had recently embarked on a networking opportunity and finally acquired the knowledge I felt was important to represent the company and realized opportunity was knocking and this was MY chance to learn, better myself AND move my business forward.

I received the link to participate in the program’s launch webcam. This was it.  Done.  I found “my” thing.  As soon as it was over, I rushed to complete and submit my scholarship application.

It took a few days to acclimatize myself to this whilst performing the tasks necessary for my day job. Then I had to rearrange my thinking regarding a conference I was to attend three days later in Orlando. I was committed and wanted to ensure I would proceed as the program explained. The day before I left I received copies of a book that is to become my pinnacle through this journey (fate – AGAIN!).

Everything was printed, my reading started and I was confused – yet I had faith. I kept to my daily requirements (with the exception of lying about my Definite Purpose Statement – which I was only able to construct – in a draft form during my breaks on Thursday – will not lie about anything this important). It began to make sense on Friday – finally.  Divine synchronicity!

The conference I attended is a supplement to what I expect from this program. Wonderful speakers, much tidbits shared, yet I long for this. We’ll see how this goes.