LJ 2.0 – Week 10

This week has been an off week. Well, sort of. We had a great informal webinar on Sunday and for those of us that opted to, we attended Lori and Lucinda’s Finding Your Purpose webinars. Last year, I only made one of the sessions and knew I missed out.

This year, I made the time, but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for (U2 had a profound influence on me in my youth!). Bottom line, I don’t think I’m giving myself due credit nor do I feel I’m completely “getting it,” and I’ve spent a few days reflecting (my sit to the rest of you!) on this and something is definitely missing. I’m trying too hard, that I know. Since my “incident” in October, I’m looking at life with new eyes, seeing more than what is visible out there …. time to take a pause on the process until I can give it my all.

Haanel asked that we picture a square, visualizing it beginning with two horizontal lines, then adding two vertical lines to each end to make a square. Then we are to visualize a circle within the square. No problem to this point. Next, we are to draw the point of the circled toward us, and we should see a cone on a square base. Got it. I can visualize it. I can see it. Our final task is to see it in different colors. Not there yet. My guide suggested closing my eyes during the exercise, I see my cone within the square clearer yet struggling to change the colors. I’m not going to stress over it – I have the rest of my life to perfect this!

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Another new shot at getting it right

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