LJ 2.0 – Week 9

First third of year two done. What a journey.

I am SO VERY GLAD I chose to participate “all-in” again this year. Catching on to a surreal amount of information, thought processes and vibes than I did in 2019.

Seeing is a physical action – an action of the world without. Meanwhile, visualization is a product of our imagination – you know – the world within. BAM! HUGE revelation. My thinking minds knows what I visualize will manifest, and I “heard” it last year, but not until I TOTALLY caught on to this week’s (9-15) statement by none other than Mr. Haanel did I “get” it! SLAM DUNK!

Let’s face it – we don’t attract what we want. It doesn’t work that way. Our wants are part of our conscious mind. We attract what we are in harmony with. Bottom line is that the thoughts that become fixed in our subconscious mind ultimately manifest. IF we give out such thoughts. Give more to get more. How much simpler can this get?!?

My positive mental attitude continues to grow. And I am getting better with substituting those negative thoughts with my daily dose of the mental diet – a constant work in action! The Law of Substitution reigns. Well, actually I believe the Law of Growth truly reigns and I’m on my way to my growth. Who could possibly ask for more.

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Another new shot at getting it right

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