LJ 2.0 – Week 2

I decided to try something new this week. Hoping to make it a habit. No way to know till I begin, and why procrastinate. Let’s see how well I can be accountable to myself!

This week we are spending time with power. We can’t truly appreciate the power within Haanel states without spending time thinking of our definite purpose. Thinking (concentrated thought) is energy. SO … I’ve decided I’m going to up my power game! How? Not only am I thinking about my job, but I’m choosing to write about it here. As I write, I’ll begin to talk about it (literally and figuratively) and the more energy I build up the more power I have and I’ll be able to do even more! Another way to put this is that I’m going to really start to feed my subconscious with the food it needs to help me grow.

I spend my days designing things. Pieces of furniture or units thereof for clients to store their possessions in and become better organized. Been doing this for a lifetime – organizing (not the designing part I just mentioned). I’m a big-picture kind of girl – and I see beyond what I’ve been charged to do. Always have. Always will. I’m a born leader. From the earliest time I can reflect upon, I was the one gathering “the troops,” as I got older I was the one to make things happen. During my former career, I led departments then organizations and have been able to maintain my sight past what is in front of my nose. When I burned out in that career, I turned my hobby of rearranging furniture in spaces into my second career designing the things I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph. I am lucky.

Now it’s time to ramp that up. I need my subconscious to start percolating at a more frequent vibration as I formulate a plan to take me to my next chapter.

Literally, every time I walk into a space, I feel it. Honest-to-God feel it. It truly is instinctive within me. And I’m blessed to have this gift. So I need to figure out how to share this with others, and monetize this too! The latter will come – once I set my thoughts constructively to harness the mightiest of all minds – that of the Universal Mind.

So I use my sits this week to harness this power. And I will continue to do so. And this week isn’t so easy cause I’m supposed to not have any thoughts, and as Haanel predicted, thoughts do enter my mind, a lot! Rather than letting those thoughts carry me away down a path I’m not interested in following, I direct myself to think of my challenge. As these thoughts come into my mind, I ask that they leave me now so I can concentrate on nothing. Just like “the man” asked. I’m getting better at it!

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Another new shot at getting it right

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