Becoming LJ – Week 22a

Isn’t it interesting that what is transpiring in our world somehow seems to tie directly into the weekly key? I’ve heard my fellow team members state this on more than one occasion and I’ve read it several times in the alliance area. Our community is becoming enlightened!

I’ve mentioned how my old DNA was rearing its ugly head lately and how I was struggling to overcome past bad habits. We are now living with a true pandemic. And the sensationalism the media spews is truly mind-boggling. People across the globe are acting in fear and this fear will fester and grow within these individuals and they will succumb to a continuous cycle of negativity (from what they are being fed from the “experts” out there in the media). This negativity will profoundly affect their subconscious thought and ultimately harvest sickness or decay or weakness. We reap what we sow right? Never before have I ever understood this as well as I have thanks to our study in MKE and what is transpiring around us.

This week’s key has provided me with peace. Perhaps solace. Definitely insight and wisdom. I am changing! And I have been able to rise above the masses and produce desirable thought which will inevitably lead to desirable results. And I thank the good Lord that I left my previous life in local government management five years ago, I don’t think I would be the person I am today and would definitely be making reactive decisions for my city due to this virus. God bless all those who must work through this.

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Another new shot at getting it right

3 thoughts on “Becoming LJ – Week 22a

  1. LJ, you have beautifully expressed how blessed we are to practice self-directed thinking. The fact is, this wonderful community is creating positive ripples in the sea of panic and our peace positively affects our surroundings. We are changing our world within, which changes our world without, and everyone is touched by it. As DB says, Its a beautiful thing!!! Thanks for sharing.

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