Becoming LJ – Weeks 21 & 22

This has happened twice now and I’m not one bit proud of it. I missed blogging last week. Literally. Completely and absolutely forgot about it. How can I forget a habit I have formed and enjoyed performing over the course of five months out of nowhere? What is going on with subby? I’m hoping that the lifting of a burden I’ve been carrying since January this week will allow me to refocus my hard-thought efforts and get back on track. Why is my old DNA ruling me again? It should be diminished greatly by now, not resurfacing. More contemplation yet again. I’m going to overcome, no matter what it takes.

I started Go90Grow this month and I’m overwhelmed. This is the busiest time of year for my line of work with the day job and I have been putting in hours and hours of work for literally no return on the investment of my time (in other words – no sales – well, actually one sale in February – gross earnings – $170). I am determined to figure out why I can’t or won’t or fear talking to others about my side gig or, most importantly, getting a team built.

I shared by vulnerabilities with the team on our talk Wednesday night and most everyone suggested I take a pause on Go90 and restart it once we are through with MKE. I’m afraid to act to grow my business, I’m afraid to miss out on the live webinars and I’m clearly overwhelmed as I haven’t been able to maintain my steadfast activites for MKE on a solid basis as I’ve had for all these months. Logic dictates I should listen to the masses, but then again, isn’t that why I’m in MKE – to think for myself?

Gratefully, I began listening to podcasts again while driving. Jay Shetty had a nice one on manifestation and discussed 3 common myths about manifestation. I don’t necessarily agree in whole with what he discussed but what caught my ear was how most people fixate on the end result – for example working towards “X” goal, and that in doing so the focus is on the effect (he says result) and not on the cause so people inadvertently do not make themselves happy because they are focusing on “X” and not enjoying the ride to get there!

He and Mark and Davene and many others before us have been drinking the same Kool-Aids and it shows – the answers will come to us in ways that we will not recognize and not necessarily in the way that we expect if we just manifest with our eyes open – like attracts like! Now where did I hear that before?

And how was your week?

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