Becoming LJ – Week 20

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. – John A. Shedd

So I started MKE for the business, after the first webinar I knew I needed to do this for me and I’ve mentioned this fact several times since September, and recently, I’ve also noted how I need to start refocusing my efforts on my business. I have acquired immense knowledge on how to better me and look at life with a whole new lens. What a tremendous blessing. And what I was doing with the business wasn’t working. To that I will shout from the rooftops. So I’m trying, but I HAVE SO MUCH TO LEARN ABOUT THIS NEW WORLD! Much of what I have done, or more appropriately haven’t done, has been based in fear. More than that, I have found out, is that it has been fear induced via procrastination – in this case – my learning about my business. Thus I made the decision to embark on yet another journey – I am going to learn and acquire new skills with the Go90Grow program.

And as Mr. Shedd was attributed to saying, I have been safe in harbor my entire life. I wasn’t born to be safe in harbor. My ship is about to sail and I’m about to find out how strong I am built!

  • Wish me positivity.
  • Wish me strength.
  • But don’t wish me luck – luck has nothing to do with becoming the success I am going to be.

In closing, a random musing/reflection/comment:

Took 4 months but I finally found something that works for me and allows me to practice my index cards multiple times a day now – I am using a flash card app! I haven’t been faithful to reading through my cards every day and it was bothering me. Haven’t found “the” perfect app but the one I did find after several attempts is allowing me to shuffle through them AND doesn’t force me to use the front and back. I’ve used the app more times this past week than I’ve used my index cards in the past month and a half. Progress again – yay!

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Another new shot at getting it right

5 thoughts on “Becoming LJ – Week 20

  1. I loved the Go90Grow program. I know you will gain tremendously from it. I am going to repeat it after I finish this program. Glad you found the right app. I admire your use of technology as that is not my forte.

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