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Becoming LJ – Week 17 – The Hero’s Journey

What have I been pretending not to know? What a deep question. One I’ve mulled over this whole week. As I continue to become a more aware adult thanks to this journey I found myself fessing up to many things I’ve been pretending (out of fear) to not know. This hasn’t been easy, but it’s been eye-opening to say the least. It’s a sobering realization that there’s more up there than I give myself credit for. And for those things I truly don’t know, I am learning to become one with the Universal and allow said knowledge to come to me when the time is right. If I’m going to be honest with myself, the world does not revolve around me and all will come in due time.

I have tried to find imagination in all I have encountered this week, this virtue is one I didn’t expect to have any issues with and voila – mega issues. I had expectations of success and it’s been a lean result week for this one. Win some, lose less, right? One more day to find a winner out there!

We were assigned the task of reading an obituary a day this week. Our instructions were clear – hard copy – not online. I’m still puzzled over this though I’ve found the exercise to be enlightening. The legacies left behind, the poor souls who were all but forgotten and everyone in between. Wonder where I’ll end up on the spectrum when my time is up?

Can’t end without one act of kindness I personally experienced this week. Upon my return to Florida from the cruise, it was a brisk 50゚ with a moderate wind and I was faced with having to wait for my brother to come pick me up at Port Everglades. I was standing outside for more than half an hour when one of the shuttle drivers saw me shivering. He offered to let me sit in his shuttle while he was waiting for his private party to arrive. I could not believe this generosity extended to me. Being sheltered from the cold was a life-saver. And he wouldn’t take a token of my appreciation when it came time to leave. There is goodness still in this world.


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Another new shot at getting it right

3 thoughts on “Becoming LJ – Week 17 – The Hero’s Journey

  1. Beautiful blog!!! I see the answer to the question: What am I pretending not to know? – in the kindness of the shuttle driver. The Universe has your back. Keep the faith!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


  2. ‘I have tried to find imagination…’

    The makeover virtues have been elusive to me as well — maybe they’ve not been top of mind enough. I can see you’ve exercised imagination in your home with all the color, as one example!


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