Becoming LJ – Week 1

Sheer luck, divine intervention and the universe aligned last Sunday morning whilst I attended a birthday celebration. In a side conversation, I heard about some “thing” my friend had prepared for and I asked her for more information.  She went on to explain MKMMA – and immediately forwarded me some information she received from an alum.  I was hooked. Within 20 minutes I made my excuses and returned home.

Within 3 hours I had viewed 4 videos, received an email or two and proceeded to meet the requirements to participate in this innovative concept.  Haste was key as the program was only offered once a year and necessitated a 6-month commitment – I had recently embarked on a networking opportunity and finally acquired the knowledge I felt was important to represent the company and realized opportunity was knocking and this was MY chance to learn, better myself AND move my business forward.

I received the link to participate in the program’s launch webcam. This was it.  Done.  I found “my” thing.  As soon as it was over, I rushed to complete and submit my scholarship application.

It took a few days to acclimatize myself to this whilst performing the tasks necessary for my day job. Then I had to rearrange my thinking regarding a conference I was to attend three days later in Orlando. I was committed and wanted to ensure I would proceed as the program explained. The day before I left I received copies of a book that is to become my pinnacle through this journey (fate – AGAIN!).

Everything was printed, my reading started and I was confused – yet I had faith. I kept to my daily requirements (with the exception of lying about my Definite Purpose Statement – which I was only able to construct – in a draft form during my breaks on Thursday – will not lie about anything this important). It began to make sense on Friday – finally.  Divine synchronicity!

The conference I attended is a supplement to what I expect from this program. Wonderful speakers, much tidbits shared, yet I long for this. We’ll see how this goes.

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